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As if the 200 exclusive, book-only observations weren't reason enough to buy the book, there's
more! Douglas opens up for the first time about his motivations behind writing his observations.
He accomplishes this by means of an introduction to the book as well as introductions to each
of the sixteen sections, and also provides closing comments.

During these incredible times in which we are living, we need an incredible book. Is The Book
of Observations
such a book? Decide for yourself by ordering your own copy today!

Like the Schwartz Shirts website, The Book of Observations is intended for mature readers.
It contains subject matter that some may find offensive. No material in this book is meant to
suggest any behavior that is illegal, dangerous or harmful in any way.

180 pages
  6" x 9"
  Features 1062 observations
  With introductions and other material written by Douglas Schwartz
By Douglas Schwartz
 The Book of Observations...
A Schwartz Shirts Companion

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Based on the observational humor and insight
of Douglas Schwartz, The Book of Observations
features 862 observations from the Schwartz
Shirts website personally selected by Douglas

Some of these observations are now classics
and some are newer ones. That's where the
similarity between the book and the website
ends. That's because The Book of Observations
also includes 200 observations created by
Douglas exclusively for the book!

These 200 book-only observations will never
appear on That's right!
They are only available in the book! You can
read them yourself by ordering your very own
copy! And if you're wondering if the book-only
observations can be ordered as shirts, the
answer is yes! Each of the 200 book-only
observations has a special book number
beneath it for your ordering pleasure!